Frequently Asked Questions

When hiring a skip bin and rubbish removal in Auckland, there are some questions you may want to ask. This page answers some of the most common ones. Not sure about something? If you have any questions about our rubbish removal service, please give us a call on 0800 THROWN (0800 847 696)

What does a bin hire cost?

$320 for a 3 Cubic Meter bin (500kg capacity), and $380 for a larger 4.5 cubic meter bin (700kg capacity). That includes GST, drop-off and pick-up, and disposal of your rubbish! Book a bin now.

How much time do I get the bin for?

Your hire fee includes 48 Hour (2-day) weekday hire with FREE drop-off and pick-up. You can get some extra time at no-charge by using our Weekend Special: Drop off Friday, pick up Monday.

What types of waste can I put in a bin?

Our bins are great for almost any household junk, including old toys, furniture, electronics, garden rubbish, recyclables, etc. For a list of items we take (and don’t take), please see our Waste Types page.

Is there a load limit for the bins?

The maximum load limit for our smallest bin is 500kgs. Our larger bin holds 700kg. Bins are weighed before they are emptied. If the load is more than the bin capacity, then additional charges may apply. The additional charge is $31 per 100kg (31c per Kg) or part thereof on any amount over capacity.

How much rubbish can I get in the bin?

The 3 cubic meter bin can hold the equivalent of approximately 12 wheelie bins or three standard trailers. Our larger 4.5 cubic meter bin can hold the equivalent of close to 18 wheelie bins full of rubbish. Or 4 to 5 trailer loads.

What size are the rubbish bins?

We offer two bins sizes: 3 Cubic Meter with 500kg capacity, and 4.5 Cubic Meter with 700kg capacity.

Auckland Mobile Rubbish Bins
We offer two bins sizes: 3 Cubic Meter with 500kg capacity, and 4.5 Cubic Meter with 700kg capacity.

How big is a Throw n’ Tow trailer?

Each Throw n’ Tow trailer is 2300mm wide by 1960mm high.

Auckland Skip Bin Dimensions
Throw n Tow Bin Dimensions

Why choose Tow n’ Throw skip bin over a regular skip?

The Throw n’ Tow is on a trailer. It fits into tight spaces (like long narrow driveways and underground carparks) that regular skip bins can’t. Also, because the bin is mounted on trailer, you don’t need to worry about it scraping our gouging your driveway, or property at all!

Is Throw n’ Tow lockable?

Yes, you can lock Throw n’ Tow to prevent strangers dumping waste in your bin.

Lockable Skip Bins Auckland

Can I leave Throw n’ Tow bin on the road?

Yes. Throw n’ Tow are registered trailers and can be parked on the road.

Do you recycle my rubbish?

Yes. Where possible, all rubbish is recycled.

Will Throw n’ Tow damage my driveway?

No. Unlike regular skips, which are delivered by heavy trucks, Throw n’ Tow sits on a trailer and won’t damage the ground (i.e. the driveway) like heavy skips can.

What areas do you provide service in?

We cover most of Greater Auckland. The price covers anywhere within 40km of Manukau City by road. We can deliver outside this area upon request. However, there may be a small additional fee. Learn more on our Service Area page.

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Throw n’ Tow is proud to have a 99% Approval Rating from Auckland customers. Hire a bin now and experience our quality, friendly service for yourself!