Priding ourselves on good old-fashioned service

Throw n’ Tow was established in 2016 by Paul Lofroth.  Marcus and Debbie purchased Throw n’ Tow from Paul in 2022. Marcus has a background as a Mechanic for 40 years leading him to have a successful Automotive Repair Business which they owned previously for 23 years.

The Throw n’ Tow team providing a helpful hand wherever you may need one.

Marcus’s goal is to provide a rubbish removal solution to people who have difficulty using the conventional truck mounted bins or just want a better service.

Marcus’s personal approach and willingness to find a solution for each customer is the reason he has so many happy clients.

Marcus will drop off the bin, park it where you want and then return to collect it once the bin is full. Need a hand to load it, then just ask as Marcus can assist with that too.

The advantages of Throw n’ Tow bins

They are very maneuverable
They can fit in to areas that a conventional truck mounted bin cannot get such as narrow and/or twisty driveways, areas where low overhangs are present such as trees, etc,
They can fit in to underground carparks such as apartment buildings
They have lids so are therefore lockable (keeps the neighbours out)
They don’t leave big rusty marks on concrete driveways like conventional bins can
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