What can you put in a Throw n’ Tow bin?

When it comes to waste disposal, Throw n’ Tow waste management bins allow you to dispose of a wide variety of rubbish. However, there are some items that require special consideration, and some items that are not allowed at all. Please review the lists here for details on what waste disposal is accepted.

Accepted Waste Items

General household waste
General garden waste
Grass clippings
Small branches, prunings, leaves and flowers
 Furniture up to 1.7m long
Small timber offcuts
Old pots and pans
Recyclable Items including glass, paper, cardboard, empty steel cans, empty cartons and bottles
Scrap metals
White goods – fridges, washing machines, dryers
Computers and accessories
Electrical appliances and mobile phones

Special Consideration Items

Special consideration items should not be placed in a bin. However, we are happy to dispose of them separately. Please let us know ahead of time if you would like to dispose of any of the following:

Polystyrene (consumer product packaging, but not commercial)
Spring mattresses
Empty Paint Containers – we recommend tipping all your spare paint into one can and then disposing of the empty containers only
Tyres – additional charges apply / $15 per tyre
LPG / Gas Bottles
Batteries, including vehicle batteries – we can take batteries but we ask that they NOT be placed in the bin. Due to the nature of battery acid these need to be handled separately.

Excluded Waste Disposal

The following are hazardous waste disposal items cannot be placed in a bin or disposed of by Throw n’ Tow. See our service terms for more information.

Medical waste
Radioactive waste
Grease Trap waste
Contaminated soil
Used oil filters
Containers filled with Oil
Diesel, petrol and other chemicals
Polystyrene (commercial)

Note: *Asbestos is an extremely dangerous substance that must be disposed of correctly, or it may lead to criminal prosecution. The Hirer is liable for any asbestos found in the Trailer Bin, and the cost of disposing of the asbestos.

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